Maypole ( Festa do Mastro ) *Ongoing

Maypole (or Festa do Mastro ) is an ancient tradition of pagan origin, originally celebrated in several countries of Europe, symbolizing strength and male fertility.The celebration begins with the cutting down of a tree by the men of the village and then carried through the village to the top of the S.Domingos hill.The tree is taken down by ax, passing from hand to hand. The size of the trunk is usually larger than 30 meters. After that, it is carried on the backs of 70 or more men, crossing the entire village so that every man in town can touch it.The ritual of the raising of the mast represents male fertility, the men in the region believe that by touching the trunk it will help them retain vigorous sexual faculties.On top of the hill, before being erected,the mast is festooned with hydrangeas caught by women (stewards) and children of the village, and then raised with the aid of ropes that are woven into the trunk and loosened with a simple tug without dismantling the ornament flowers.