Photo By:  Erroyaux Denis

Photo By: Erroyaux Denis

Ruben Mália is a photographer based in Porto (Portugal), Curator and Photo Editor.

His passion for life and the human condition have driven him to develop and focus his work towards home and explore the current and changing state of Portugal.
His long term projects have helped him document its people and culture, capturing the mood and emotions of an old nation at the very edge of Europe.
Ruben has been awarded with several honorable mentions by the International Photography Awards, and was selected to attend Martin Parr’s last Magnum workshop in 2012.
In 2015 he was EI Award finalist at Encontros da Imagem.
Currently he is working on his first book from his long term project documenting the religious culture and old traditions of the north of Portugal.

Ruben also partners with galleries, institutions and independent photographers providing direction in the production of captivating and impactful visual narratives which will contribute to bring the best of each photographic project to public


Martin Parr Masterclass at Magnum (2012)
João Kulcsar  Curatorial Masterclass (2011)
Instituto Português de Fotografia (2007/2009)

Finalist EI Award 2015 - Encontros da Imagem 2015
HPA - Humanity Photo Awards 2015 - Performance Award - Festivities
IPA - International Photography Awards 2014 - Honorable Mention in People-Portrait
IPA - International Photography Awards 2013 - Honorable Mention in Editorial - Political
IPA - International Photography Awards 2012 - Honorable Mention in Editorial - Photo Essay and Feature Story
IPA - International Photography Awards 2011- Honorable Mention in People-Culture
IPA - International Photography Awards 2010 - Honorable Mention in Travel/Tourism

Anti-Austeridade - Carnegie Museum of Art | PGH Photo Fair April 2017
Anti-Austeridade - Magnum Foundation | June 2017
Anti-Austeridade - Image Text Ithaca Symposium | June 2017
Anti-Austeridade - Massachusetts College of Art and Design | Dec 2017

Fotografar é dar Vida - NGO VIDA (2017)
Constructive - Julio Aires (2016)
Cirque Sans Solei - Henry Milléo (2014)
L´èlégance Ordinaire - Elizabeth Char (2014)
Black and white spots of the Gobi Desert - Alexei Skripin (2014)
City Lines - Isabella kramer  (2014)

Conversas com Fotografia@F8 Fotografia - Lisbon (2014)
1ªs Jornadas de Turismo e Ambiente - E.S.Rio Tinto (2013)
Planalto Fotográfico - I Iberic Documentary meeting (2010)

Gallery Geraldes da Silva - Don't Tell Them, Show Them (2017)
Viana Cine Club - Aqui Há Gente (2017)
Almeida Garrett Library - Aqui Há Gente (2016)
Gallery Geraldes da Silva - Aqui Há Gente (2016)
Maquinas de Outros Tempos - Collecting Reality (2013)
Gallery Porta 22 - Collecting Reality (2012)
Municipal Gallery of Corroios – 14th Corroios Photo Contest (2011)
Gallery Porta22 - Reflections on Porto (2011)
Planalto Fotográfico - I Iberic Documentary meeting – Pilgrims (2010)
Café Fenix (Porto) – Magreb (2010)
Municipal Gallery of Corroios – 13th Corroios Photo Contest (2010)
Forum Maia – Maia Music Festival (2009).
Casa do Alto Pedrouços – Retrospective Maiact 2008 (2009)