Anti-Austeridade ( Anti-Austerity ) is a compilation of images taken between 2011 and 2012 of some the biggest protests in Porto and Lisbon that led to the streets thousands of people in massive movements across the country.
This movement spread for two years in a series of indignant protests inspired by the movements in other countries affected by the economic crisis. Thanks to these new movements, people were able to take the streets and show their indignation against the measures taken by the government led by the Troika and the effects they had on the Portuguese population that increasingly approached a point of social disruption.

36 pages, 15x20 cm
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Dream Inn vol.1

This is the first of a series of digital print Zines from Ruben Mália's imaginary.
The Dream Inn series are a small numbered and personal experimental narratives that derive from the author's imaginary, aiming to free itself from form or styles while roaming the streets of Porto.

"It's a highway motel, were in each room (zine) you will be transported to another dimension, were people dream, love, laugh and share their solitude with the reader. The light and the strange (dark) humor of existence." Ruben Mália

2nd Edition
36 pages, 15x20 cm

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